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SableCC Grammars

Language View Description Download Maintainer
FIPA-ACL html text sablecc Mariusz Nowostawski
FIPA-SL html text sablecc Mariusz Nowostawski
IDL html text Interface Definition Language. sablecc Valentin Pavlov
ISO-C text Grammar based on the ISO/IEC 9899:1999 standard. This grammar file uses a custom parser and lexer and the whole package must be downloaded. This grammar can only be built using SableCC 3.0beta1. Changes in beta2 make the grammar incompatible. Roger's site Roger Keays
Java2 1.02 html text Java 1.02. sablecc Etienne Gagnon
Java2 1.1 html text Java 1.1. sablecc Etienne Gagnon
Java2 1.4 html text Modifications to the Java2 1.1 grammar to parse Java code containing assertions. Thomas Leonhardt
KIF html text Knowledge Interchange Format grammar based on draft proposed American National Standard (dpANS KIF) NCITS.T2/98-004. This grammar should be used with the package downloaded. sablecc Mariusz Nowostawski
KIF pattern matcher html text Pattern matcher for the KIF grammar above. sablecc Mariusz Nowostawski
Mini Basic html text Grammar from the Mini Basic package. sablecc Etienne Gagnon
OCL 1.5 text Object Constraint Language: a formal language to specify constraints MOCL site Fadi Chabarek
Object Query Language html text sablecc Mariusz Nowostawski
PHP 4 text PHP 4 grammar for SableCC 3 complete with AST transformations. Indrek's page Indrek Mandre
SableCC 2.x html text Grammar for SableCC 2.x source files. sablecc Etienne Gagnon
Simple C html text A simple C grammar. sablecc Etienne Gagnon
SL html text SL grammar from the FIPA-SL package. sablecc Mariusz Nowostawski
Small Pascal html text Grammar from the Small Pascal package which includes a compiler that generates Jasmin source code. sablecc Fidel Viegas
XML-RPC html text XML RPC grammar from Erik's Freestyler Toolkit project this site Erik Poupaert
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