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Official Releases

Our project is hosted by SourceForge and all downloads can be made from their download pages. The latest releases are:

User Contributed Tools

A number of SableCC users have contributed some add-on tools which they maintain on their own sites:

Tool / URL Author Description
Display Tools Roger Keays This package contains a number of SableCC walker classes for producing formatted output of your grammars / source files.
Indrek's Tools Indrek Mandre Indrek has written a number of tools including XML grammar transformations and XSS / XSL stylesheets to generate C++ and C# parsers.
Eclipse Plugin Deng Kun A simple eclipse plug-in for sablecc grammar files, it provides syntax highlighting and hyperlinks (right click and select jumping to definition) etc.
Eclipse Plugin 3.0 Deng Kun A simple eclipse plug-in for sablecc grammar files supporting Eclipse 3.0.
O'Caml Backend Patrik Lam This backend generates a set of O'Caml files which parse the input specification. See Patrick's post to the newsgroup.
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